Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hot for Chocolate rows, part 2

 Remember yesterday's post?

I discussed how I was able to strip piece the blocks on the sashing.

Here's another picture of me doing that. 

I also posted a picture of the 4 blocks of the second strip sewn together.

We ended with cutting a brown sashing strip into 8.5 inch strips.  I cut four of them.

Then I take three of them and strip piece them onto a 2.5 inch strip of the corner stone fabric.
 See here they are!

Yes, it is a quarter inch seam.

I do love the quarter inch foot I have for my Bernina.

I get emails from the Bernina people all the time, webinars, videos, etc. are all available to me because I registered my Bernina when I bought it.  Maybe this winter I will have time to watch some!
 After I have sewn all the brown strips onto the pink corner stone fabric, I cut them apart.

I sew three of them onto the pink fabric.  The fourth one doesn't have a cornerstone.  I know, it seems a bit odd to me also.

But I decided to make the quilt like the pattern shows it as I like it.

I am just tinkering with the sashing directions.
 I sew the four strips together.

Then I press them towards the brown strips or lay the cornerstones flat, spread out.  This will match up with the block pieces being pressed in.

It will make the seams lay flat.  Yes, sometimes I forget which way to press things and then I make it up as I go along, always looking.  But I have this down, block strips versus sashing strips I always press this way.

There is the first row with the sashing row attached.  I am going to attach the sashing row to the second row and then combine the two.

But right now, that is as far as I have gotten!

When I get a chunk more done, I will blog about it.  I hope to have this top done before we leave on a business trip of Cliff's next week.  Maybe I will be able to visit some quilt stores!

Sew happy!

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