Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gifts for and from Quilters

Progress!  And it feels darn good.
I thought this quilt would sew up faster than it is, I am not sure why, now that I look at what I have sewn so far.  Those are 2 inch squares for goodness sake, why did I think it would basically be strip piecing?

The good thing is that I really like it so far, the greens and brown are outstanding!  In the book, they have dark grey but the brown is better for our room.  The pressure is on, the TV is mounted on the wall there is just one bedroom project yet to be completed and you are looking at it.

I went to my Quilt Guild today.  I had to leave early because of my class but I got to show the quilts I made for Ally and Nick.  I got a little choked up when I was showing them and explaining the circumstances of why I gave them the gifts. I felt such a wonderful wave of compassion and support from the Quilters in attendance.  I really don't know very many of the women there and having this class at the same time won't help but slowly I am sure I will feel like I fit in more.  Today was a terrific start.  If you live in the south suburban area of Chicago, you might want to check out our guild.
Quilters Plus guild website

If you sew, I hope you have a pair of Ginghers.  I am lucky enough to have two full sized pairs and one small one.  My long time friend Vicki gave them to me for presents at various times in my life.  What a great gift.  They are shown on my semi icky ironing board cover but the scissors are top notch.  I have a plain pair I bought myself and recently passed on a pair of Weiss that I had for years.  I got them sharpened over the summer and it is like they are all brand new.

A quilter you love may have a birthday coming up, trust me, you can never have too many shears. I have them in various parts of my sewing room and sometimes can't find a single pair!

We all get various gifts in our lifetime.  Sometimes it is the gift of acceptance and compassion from acquaintances.  Other times it is a beloved object from a dear lifetime friend.

Both gifts and many others have helped me in life.  To quote the Beatles, I get by with a little help from my friends!


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