Friday, January 20, 2012

Sewing: Best hobby in the world

 While I am working on finishing up the City Green top and then absolutely WOWING you with the results, I will just talk about some of the reasons why I love to sew.

Part of the reason I love to sew is that you get to create something with your own hands.  In today's world I am not sure that this is a value but it is with me.  Plus, you can get exactly what you want.

In 1999 we had a big snowstorm right after Winter Break and then Shelby got sick.  I was home for 3 solid weeks and there was snow everywhere.  I was so desperate to sew that I made a shower curtain from various leftovers of curtain fabrics. 

I have been making them ever since.  Here is one I made for our guest bathroom.  (Sorry Shelby, it's no longer YOUR bathroom.)  I even matched the floral print.
 I liked the way it looked so much I even made a shower curtain from Eiffel Tower fabric for a friend and matched that print.  It makes you feel exceedingly clever.

I had bits of the fabric left over even after I made curtains for Emily's bathroom.  I made this little strip pieced number for the top of a storage unit.  It keep the unit from marking the wall it if gets rocked and keeps the top from getting scratched by the metallic Kleenex box.  And, it is all made from scraps. 

Sigh of contentment.  

We have two bathrooms so of course I had to make a shower curtain for both of them.  Yes, I do realize that they sell shower curtains in stores and online.  But I wanted colors that exactly matched the tiles and counter top.  Plus, I really like stripes and there was a window in there.  They had to match, duh!
I think there is a pride thing going on here as well, I just like knowing I have made all curtains in my home even the shower curtains!

Sorry if I come off a little smug, it's just that sewing is the best hobby in the world.  I know it won't keep me in shape like running/working out would.  But I have some darn good looking bathrooms!


  1. Both shower curtains look great and the fact that you can make things that match like the curtains and the top for the cabinet makes it even better.


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