Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Making things right

 I got three rows done, all the little squares joined together with brown strips between each green square. I also sewed a strip of brown on the bottom and top of the first row.  I was excited to get this all done, I worked before and after teaching my class.  (It went very well, thanks for asking!)  I then sewed a row underneath that and looked at it.


The squares line up at each end but not in the middle.

Rats and a half.  No, double rats!
I have a chair full of 4 square strips that will have to wait.

It took 2.5 hours to get this far today but I cannot go any farther.

I have to rip out the line of stitching  and redo it, this time I will use pins.  Lots of times when I am just strip piecing, I do not pin.  But this needs to be more precise, I should have pinned it from the beginning.

Things get messed up sometimes!

While I was getting ready to load these pictures, I clicked on a link on a google page and POOF the computer was completely overcome by demons, or some kind of computer virus.  It took my husband a couple of hours to restore the computer, do scans and clean it all up.  These things just happen in life.  What blows my mind is that there are people who plant these viruses on links just to mess up people's lives.  Doesn't enough go wrong in life without sending stuff out into the universe to mess with people?  Grrrrr!  I sure hope that they have ruined their karma.  I hope NONE of their quilt blocks line up correctly.  Ever.  I mean this literally and metaphorically. 

Computers and quilts, sometimes we have to stop, redo, clean them all up and makes things right.


  1. I was more than happy to fix your computer. I enjoy the challenge. I love the quilt. I hope the squares go together without further problems.


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