Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kautious Kathy

I had to pin each brown intersection but I got three strips  plus brown mini strips sewn together and the squares line up!
3 down, 13 to go!
When I sew the strips, I alternate which end I start from otherwise when you sew strips together if they all start at the same point, the fabric starts to twist just the tiniest bit and you eventually get a curve in the direction of the finished piece.
I think I will be even a bit more cautious and sew the next strip at the top and then alternate.  I just don't want this to be "off" when I get a few more strips done.  I know, I am one klever Kathy, the quilter!

 Another thing to be cautious about is where you stand in your sewing room.  Personally, my feet are shot.  I taught full time for 35 years and some of those years I also taught a night class.  (Yes, I am a martyr.)

When I started my new class and stood for over 2 hours on a cement floor, my feet really hurt when I got home.  In my sewing room, I have a braided rug by my design/cutting table and a anti fatigue mat along the whole side of my Long arm quilting machine.  It helps and keeps these dogs from barking!

Wednesday is Quilt guild and teaching!  I don't know how I keep up this brutal schedule either.  I think it's because I am cautious and always have a supply of chocolate nearby.


  1. I am glad to see that your project is coming along nicely. You have the bugs worked out so it should go smoothly from here.

  2. I think there are always a few bugs to work out unless it's something I have made a million times before!


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