Friday, January 13, 2012

Just a bit today

No real blog today, sorry!  I am continuing to work on the Green City quilt but the picture would basically look the same.  Thursday night was my Bernina Mastery class, no pictures from that either!  And Friday morning at 7:55 am I have a flight to Jamaica to attend the wedding of a daughter of a dear friend.  I am taking Monday off as heck, I am a teacher and it's MLK day!

See you on Tuesday, the 17th, unless I the airports get snowed in and I can't get home from Jamaica.  Then I will have to leave the resort and seek a fabric shop!

Enjoy the long weekend!  Here are some pictures of past projects to tide me over!
I played with a striped fabric and got 3 pillow friends!

Great looking but those drapery rings don't work for bags.  I need to redo the tops with something different!


  1. cute pillows!!! :) I havent had a chance to go on a real computer and sit down and look at the blogs i follow! It makes my head swirl to see all the stuff you do! It's amazing! Hope Jamaica is fun! I will be calling soon! I just wanted to say thanks for everything- I am so excited to begin my sewing journey! Everything you gave me was awesome- I love the little box- super cute! And the scissors I can tell have been used- they are going to spread your talent hopefully! :) I love everything and I'm super excited! :)

    1. Thanks! I am glad you like the sewing paraphernalia, I told your Dad to tell you that the items in the box were "used" and the ones in the bag were new! I think you should be all set for your class once you get the fabric and thread. Enjoy your class and your free lesson on how to use the machine. If you enjoy sewing half as much as I do then you will love it!


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