Monday, January 23, 2012

What happened on the way to the sewing machine

 Friday it snowed.

You wouldn't think that would interfere much with me sewing but somehow I didn't get a lot of sewing done.

I did get the laundry done and ran around looking at the snow.  Cliff and I decided to brave the elements and go out for lunch.

I know, we are total adventurers.

 We did not eat outside!

Haley Mills Movie Marathon Friday got switched to another Friday so we took my daughter out for Mexican food that night.  I worried about her getting home safely from her teaching job.

So yeah, I guess that was it.

A little bit of sewing.

Lots of snow watching and going out to eat and I finished the laundry.

On Saturday I had to bring my sewing machine in and get the front fixed that has been broken since I got it.  This took the whole day somehow.  I packed it up, we drove to Lockport, had breakfast while they fixed it, bought some yarn and then got sucked into the world of Home improvement as we planned our new kitchen countertop/backsplash redo.  There goes Saturday!

Sunday was book club!

I did sew a bit before everyone got here but the whole day was book club.

I got to use the Asian table top covering that I hemmed on all sides.

 I really liked the way the table looked.
And I love my book club.

While I had book club, my husband went to the Illini game and came home with a twisted ankle.  Ouch!

I think that was about it for Sunday, I threw in the towel and I hope I can get more sewn tomorrow.

Hey, stop complaining, you got the see the table topper I made a while back.  I will get going on Monday, well, I do have to teach and go out for coffee.  But soon!  I promise!

Unless my machine needs more work!


  1. Though you didn't get to sew, we did accomplish our goal concerning the kitchen. I look forward to getting it done and seeing our quilt for our bedroom completed.

    1. I am glad we still have the time to change our mind on how we want the kitchen to look. I am working on that quilt!


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