Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another obsession/passion

I have previously confessed my love of cloth napkins here in the privacy of my secret blog, available only on the World Wide Web.  Today, I have another confession to make.  I am also addicted to, I mean fond of, tablecloths.  I have my dining room table as my everyday table and my former kitchen table is on risers in my sewing room.  I had pads, custom made no less, on my table.  You can't wreck the table nor just have the pad showing, what is the answer?  You guessed it, table cloths.

I have them arranged by color in a stand alone cupboard I bought just for this purpose; although I think it was designed as a jelly cupboard.  (Now that's silly, who has that much jelly?)  Some I have made and some I have bought.  Lately I have branched out - you can use most anything to perk up a table.

Anything?  Well, lots of fabric anythings.  We were downtown and I saw a restaurant with white table cloths  on every table with a smooth serape type covering placed on top of the white table cloth.  Each glass held a brightly colored napkin which picked up a color in the serape.  Bingo!  What an easy way to make a smashing table and I just happened to have a sarong type covering at home.  I flipped that brightly colored Hawaiian souvenir on top of a blue table cloth and fanned lime green and fuchsia napkins in the clear glasses.  (This is all leading to today's sewing by the way, just hang on.)

What else can I use?  How about just hemming fabulous pieces of fabric and using them on top of tablecloths?  I got a dark blue and green piece of batik with bright explosions of orange, burgundy and gold and today I hemmed the two cut ends.  I have orange napkins and will use them all when our rotating card group meets here the last Saturday in October.  I can then keep it as a table covering or cut off the two hemmed ends and use it as fabric.  To quote Hermoine, Brilliant!

The thread I used to hem was the same variegated Sulky orange I used to fill the bobbins on the t-shirt quilt.  I am using it to sew the bindings on by machine and to secure the edges by hand.  I am sewing that on a few minutes here and there, hoping to add up to a total of more than 4 hours today.  Yes, I do remember that I owe 12 hours from last week; now only 10 after yesterday's marathon session.  And no, I don't think I need professional help, why do you ask?

See what fun a passion for sewing is?  It can extend to napkins and table cloths and we haven't even discussed table runners yet!

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