Sunday, October 2, 2011

Book Club - 2 hobbies combined

Sunday is book club day!  Reading is one of my other passions and I always love to combine sewing and other interests, like reading.  I have been knitting so much on the road, that flat out sewing for this event felt great.  What did I make?  I thought you'd never ask!

For book club I made a new table cloth, table runner, napkins, apron and tissue holders from the cherry fabric from Door County.  PLUS a Mark Twain apron and fabric squares to place under buffet.

Hey, that's two aprons!  Yes, it is but I figure hang up one for show and wear the other for real.  Or switch mid meal?  Or cherries for meal and Mark Twain for book club discussion?

See why I love Book Club so much?  We will be discussing Huckleberry Finn and a bit of Tom Sawyer for the enthusiasts who read both. 

Happy reading AND quilting!

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