Monday, October 24, 2011

Productive weekend

I finished the pink scarf, hurray!  I am using the breast cancer yarn and giving it to a friend who is a survivor.  She loves all that pink stuff; I know it is a bit flamboyant but maybe at one of their walks or something?  Do you love that dress form which is showing off this latest creation?  When my Mom drug that home from an antique store, I thought she was nuts and I am sure there was much eye rolling.  Now I love it!

Is that all you did this weekend, Kathy?  Why no, I also started knitting another scarf and yes, this will be my fourth scarf of the fall!  I just love making the loosely knit scarves with multiple strands of yarn on size 15 needles. They make up so fast!  My first two scarves took 13 months to complete, hey, stop snickering, I was a novice.  Now, I like to consider myself a novice +.  I also started another dishrag, number five.  I am on fire, baby!

There couldn't possibly be more, oh yes there is!  (I made up all the hours I missed over vacation this weekend.)  I was in Crown Point for a book club and stopped by their quilt store.  It wasn't anything special but they did have great thread.  I got some for a future project and some to quilt this City Quilt. Here it is - it is that variegated thread I am currently having a love affair with.  It is actually a bit darker than the picture but the shiny wrapping makes it look lighter. When will I need it?  I am not sure but I would be so excited if it was this week.  This week?  Well, don't get your hopes up, it may be next week.

I have been working on piecing the top.  I have 4 rows pieced together but no more pictures, hey, I have to save something to talk about tomorrow.  What a great weekend, lots of sewing and plus my husband and I went to some decadently delicious restaurants and our Farmers' Market.  I think this is the end of our warm fall weather so I wanted to take advantage.  We bought a half a bushel of honey crisp apples so now all I have to do is eat one a day and it will keep the doctor away.

Now that is a productive weekend!

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