Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Boo! Scary thoughts

The City quilt continues but my city life interfered with how much I wanted to sew today.  I had fantasies of getting all the squares done.  Didn't happen.  I got to knit again and do some sewing  but real life sure does take up lots of time.  I did lots of paper work, bill paying, shredding, making phone calls and follow up letters.  Not fun and even scary!

Speaking of scary (did you like the transition?)  I put my Halloween quilt on my condo door and will iron my Halloween tablecloth tomorrow.  I made this a few years ago so it is quilted by hand.  I miss hand quilting sometimes; I think a not so distant project will be something to hand quilt.  But first I have to finish the city quilt and to do that, I have to ignore the pesky details of my real life and just sew.  Isn't that why I retired?

I like being retired and getting to do what I want but there are a few things I do miss about those early parenting years.  I was frazzled and overwhelmed a lot of the time but I loved taking my girls to the pool and I loved making their Halloween costumes.  This is the time of year when the Moms with the sewing gene really feel good about themselves.  Of course Shelby decided at one point that she didn't want handmade costumes.  Natch.  Here's are some favorite costumes I made.

I am sentimental about those days; I am glad I enjoyed Halloween.  That wasn't true about every single day of raising my girls - some of it is a blur of car pools and Happy Meals.  Quilting by hand at night after they went to bed was my relaxation then as knitting is now. 

I raised them and got the paper work done, somehow!  I guess I will keep doing the paper work because leaving it for my husband to do, now that's a scary thought.

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