Friday, October 7, 2011

Korean/American quilt

My youngest daughter was born in Korea and came to me via a plane when she was six months old.  Easiest delivery I ever had!

I wanted to make her a quilt to reflect her heritage as Emily had the Irish quilt.  I couldn't find a pattern with Korea in the name so I chose Starry Night and made it in Asian fabrics of red, white and blue to reflect her country of birth and adoption.  I hand quilted moons in different phases and stars to reflect her journey here and called it Through the Night Stars because of her lengthy plane ride.

She loved it as a toddler, I could tell because she jumped on it, spilled on it and threw up on it a couple of times.  It is not as bright as the picture but is still a well loved quilt.

Maybe I just wanted children to have excuses to make quilts?

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