Monday, October 3, 2011

Cloth napkins - one of the many pleasures of sewing

Cloth napkins are my secret boyfriends.  I just love them and it makes being a sewer even better.

I have too many cloth napkins, I realize that.  I will be joining a 12 step program soon.  But how can you blame me when 1 yard of fabric will yield 4 18"squares, hem those babies up and done!  4 napkins from a mere yard so if you are having company 3 yards will do you even better.  No, I do not normally entertain a dozen guests at a time but you can use the extras for the bread basket, etc.  What do people do for cloth napkins who do not sew?  Yes, there is Homegoods, that is true.  Other than those two options, cloth napkins can be really expensive and you can't get exactly what you want.

When my oldest entered preschool she needed a nap mat and an art smock.  I made the art smock from a pattern, embellishing it with her hand-prints cut out in fabric and appliqued on.  (Yes, I think I was a little bit crazy also but she looked good doing those macaroni projects.)  I also took a plastic mat for a chaise lounge and made it into a nap mat by creating my own "pillow" at one end (leftover batting) and then continuing the corduroy cover down to a Velcro bottom.  It fit her perfectly, it could be washed up in a jiff and it had her name appliqued down the length of it.  When a little chum told her she wanted one just like it, Emily replied, "Well, just have your Mom make you one!"

What Emily learned in preschool is that if you sew, you can have exactly what you want and match it to whatever you want.  In her case, she didn't even have to sew it herself.  (And still doesn't!)   I have cloth napkins that match tablecloths, aprons and table runners.  They wash up easily, and my favorite part, no need to iron if you grab them quickly.  They can just be thrown in with similar colored items on laundry day and don't end up like paper napkins do, as trash in a landfill.  Plus, they really do clean your face and hands better.

They match, they help save the earth and do their job well.  See why I love cloth napkins so much?  Just another piece of better living brought to you by the sewers of this world.

You're welcome, planet!


  1. I will be happy to help you quit your cloth napkin obsession. I will send you my address.

  2. When I fill the top of that storage chest completely, I will give you a call!


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