Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tea time

Yesterday was Shelby's birthday and we celebrated it in a Korean restaurant in Champaign, our tradition is to eat at a Korean restaurant for her birthday as that is the country of her birth.  When we eat there, I always drink tea, my favorite beverage.

In the picture above you can see some of my favorite tea pots and tea cups, the stacked set on the extreme front right is from Korea, Shelby brought it to me when she visited Korea the first time.  I love it and it will be even more meaningful when she returns there in early 2012 to teach English.  I will drink tea and think about her living in the land of her birth and wait for her to return to her forever country.

Tea also reminds me of my Irish mother who always offered a cup of tea for solace no matter what the problem.  I even made a tea cup quilt because I love it so much!
This small wall quilt hangs in my sewing room and reminds me of so many favorites - blue, blue fabrics, tea and the people I have shared it with.  Let's have a cup and count our blessings.

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