Thursday, June 7, 2012

Black Shoes

Here I am, the naughty shirking Quilter.  You may be wondering, what have you been doing besides quilting Ms. 4 a day lady?  I swam and walked in the morning.

Also, I have been hanging out with Emily and  my teacher friends.  Lots of my buddies are free now and can run around with me. 

Plus, I have been looking for black shoes. 
I have these three pairs from the trip to Spain, good for walking, but they require socks.
 Is that all the black shoes you have? you ask.

No, I have more!

I have these three pairs which are all Alegrias and I wear quite a bit in the cooler weather.  They also require socks and are good for teaching or going out to lunch but not for walking around all day in.

Plus I need black sandals.
Don't you have any black sandals, Imelda quilter lady? 

Why yes, I do.  I have two pair of Alegrias (one patent, one leather) and a pair of Birkenstocks.  I wore the Birkenstocks downtown with Emily on Monday.  We walked for donuts, then over to the museum, then through the museum and onto lunch and finally Millennium Park.  By the end of the day my feet were shot, really hurting me!

I need sandals to walk in!
Well, because I am going to NYC and to DC for weekends with my girlfriends this summer and both will require a fair amount of walking around. 

So, in spite of having a closet full of black shoes, I needed more.  My cute Cliff went with me on Tuesday and I found these two pairs.  Not the cutest, but comfortable walking sandals.  I wore the Walky brand ones today, very comfy.  I will wear the SAS uglier ones on Friday.  I need to break them in.  I need to be able to walk all day and not whimper and whine. 

So you can see why I didn't sew this week - Monday downtown, feet hurt.  Tuesday, shoe shopping.  Wednesday, trying out one pair of shoes shopping.  See it all makes sense now yes.  Oh, I mean if you are a woman it makes sense how I had 9 pairs of black shoes and still needed more.  (And yes, I do have other colors of shoes but shhhh, it's bad enough to have revealed this much about my black shoes to my husband!)

I wish you comfortable shoes and good times walking in them!

Sew happy!

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