Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blue bird of happiness

 I recently bought this pin cushion, I love it for many reasons. 
First of all it is hand made of wool and looks like a cake.  I even purchased the little cake stand they had it on at the gift shop.
I was attracted to it because of the blue bird, our family's way of representing Emily's baby Darcy who flew away from us.
Now we also think of it as the promise of happiness to come when her baby is born this December. 

We have ordered and found birds and people have given them to us.  The flying bird was made by a man who worked for Cliff's company.  The little bird I found on line.  Both of these are in my sewing room.

These two are also.  The little guy on the shelf was made by the same man, he was very compassionate about this time in our life.

In back of my threads, I keep a greeting card with a blue bird on it.  I like seeing all these blue birds when I sew. 

On my desk, I have a blue bird that my friend Diane gave me that she had had for many years but wanted me to have.  In the bathroom, I keep a similar one that a favorite former student gave me.
Next to my bed, I have this little blue bird hanging from the lamp from my friend Gina and next to my TV chair, I bought myself this little cutie.

My very first blue bird I bought in Spain in 1975 for my Mother and I received it back after her death.  It sits with a Lladro buddy in the living room and it is special that I liked blue birds way before they were a source of solace.

The pin cushion is useful and meaningful and joins other comforting birds in my sewing room collection.

Remembering the past and hope for the future, those are our blue birds of happiness.

Sew happy!


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