Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dakota vacay

Tomorrow my husband and I leave for eleven days in the Dakotas plus a bit of Montana.  I have never been to any of these states so I am excited.  I want to see a buffalo, not sure why I just do.  I must have some Dances with Wolves fantasies?

I also am looking forward to seeing Mount Rushmore.  This picture and the one of the buffalo are probably better than the ones I will take but for one small detail.  I am not in the picture!  Oh yes, I want pictures with me in them!  Then when I look at my photo album years from now I will remember that I went there!

I also hope to visit some quilt stores, duh!  Quilt stores in South Dakota  I found a listing of them and I am really pretty hopeful we will hit some.  If not there, then maybe on the way back, heck up the street from here if needs be!

I will be back July 8th but probably won't post until a couple of days after that what with laundry and all.  You thought I was joking about enjoying the weather over the summer and not focusing on the blog?  Nope!  I am having lots of fun and sewing whenever. 

Sew happy!

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