Monday, July 9, 2012

Quilt Barns - Washington County, IA

We are back from our vacation out west!  We had a good time except for those days in the lodge at Sylvan Lake.  I knew I was not a camper girl, but I am not a Lodge girl either.  So now I know!

I visited a few quilt stores which I will discuss in this blog but first I want to start with the last part of the trip, driving East on 80 across Iowa.  When you are near Iowa City you are also near Washington County which list 115 barn quilts on its web site.  Washington County Barn Quilts  I got to visit about a dozen of them so I have to make about ten more trips here! 

 Here are some of my favorites!

 It was super hot in Iowa but it is easy to find the Quilt barns with a GPS and then you just pop out of the car and take the picture.
 This is a cool Dutchman's puzzle.

I try to get a close up with my camera but with only a 210 lens, I do what I can there and then edit them on my computer.
 I love this one, I am a sucker for blue plus I love the old barns.  

This Barn Quilt project began in 2007 and it involved a ton of work.

I didn't find any updates since 2010 so I hope the fervor hasn't gone out of the community. 
 I love the close up of this one which is Mosaic $

I even like the weather worn look of it.
 I ordered a book on Barn Quilts.  Barn Quilts and the American Quilt Trail Movement

It didn't have a lot on these quilts so I found most of my information on line.

My husband and I also photographed barn quilts in Kankakee and Door County.
 I love Basket Quilt blocks.

This one is Barbershop Baskets and I adore it. 
 Next time you are driving on 80, you could pop off and go take a look at the Barn Quilts yourself but make sure you print off addresses from the web site ahead of time. 
 I used to make all kinds of Log Cabin blocks, even made vests with them.  

It's a terrific block! 

I am home for four days now so I will write some more blogs!

Sew happy!


  1. I also had a good time with you driving around Washington County looking for the quilt barns. They are cool to see and sometimes you find a town that is also fun to explore.


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