Tuesday, July 24, 2012


 I saw this on either Facebook or Pinterest, quite frankly sometimes all of my computer fun blends together.  Going on the computer is one of my hobbies and I love Facebook, Yelp, Goodreads and my blog. Infrequently I look at Pinterest or Twitter plus a dabble or two in Instagram.  I can really get into it!

But my main hobby is sewing and while I agree that my sewing is my therapy, I disagree that it is cheaper than a psychiatrist. No way!  I have machines, threads, needles, patterns, books, furniture and then the fabric.

Sew much fabric!
 Speaking of fabric (and really when am I not?) my friend Gina and I went to Thimbles quilting store in Lockport and bought the fabric for the sashing and cornerstones for our heart quilts.

I have all of my blocks, 6 made by me and 6 made by Gina.  They are all red and white, all shades of red and white into cream.  So we got the black with some dots for the sashing and the geometric red and white for the cornerstones.  We hope to find a red and black for the back.  First we have to make the tops!
I finished the second table runner.  I was going to give it as a gift but I wasn't satisfied with the tension on the back so I gave it to Emily.  I kept the first one for the same reason and it looks great on the island.  You can see both of them.

I have to get that tension issue solved once and for all.  Apparently there is a device that can "read" the bottom tension of whatever thread you have in there and tell you what adjustments to make.  Natch, I will be buying one!

Tomorrow I will be downtown again so no blog.  I am working on the heart blocks for the second quilt, I have 8 of them finished.  Maybe they will all be done when I write again.  I will let you know on either Thursday or Friday.  I have to enjoy my summer as well as my sewing!

Sew happy!


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