Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kalona Quilt and Textile Museum

 I was pretty excited to visit this cool little museum which you can check out at its own website if you want.

Museum link

I didn't take many pictures of the quilts because I was so bedazzled by the spool cabinets.

Sigh of pleasure.
 Last year I saw pictures of spool cabinets in a Quilt magazine and I thought, wow, I want one of those.

Then I found out the prices!  Yazow, upwards of a thousands dollars.

That is a lot of money for what is just a fun piece.

Then, I got to see them in person.

Oh boy, they are gorgeous!

And this is the largest collection in the world.  I didn't photograph all of them, I was drooling too much

 And to think that they used to give these away for FREE.  Yes, you read that right, for FREE!

The idea was that if you displayed the thread in a cool cabinet, women would buy more thread.

I know I would have.

All of these have been restored and even have thread in them.

And the thread is color coded.  Sigh of love.

 There were also English quilts which were okay and Amish quilts which were superb.

I should have taken more pictures of the Amish quilts but I did get this bed.

I love the sweet Amish dolls without faces as the Amish don't like to make images or get their pictures taken.  I saw four darling Amish children by the side of the road while we were looking at the Barn quilts but I didn't snap their pictures.

It seems like such a violation.  I know some people do it and if they are working, the Amish are okay, sortof, with it.
I leave you with one final fabulous picture.

I used to say that if I were really rich, I would have the really expensive season tickets and close parking to the Illini games.  Not any more.  I have a new fantasy purchase I will make when I hit it big.

I will buy a spool cabinet. 

Admit it, you want one also!

At least I have the pictures...any my dreams!

Sew happy!


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