Monday, July 30, 2012

Valentine's day quilts - Emily and Shelby

 I finished all 40 blocks, 20 for Emily's quilt and 20 for Shelby's quilt.

I will pause while you finish your applause.

It was a long time coming, I know!  What I liked about it was once I had all the pieces cut and some of them joined, it was mindless work I could do whenever.

But it is done now!

 I looked through the project boxes for the other fabrics and really had to reread the pattern to make sure I got the right browns for the different areas of the quilt.

I cut 6 strips of brown for each stack.

This is the brown I will use for the sashing.

I poked around looking for pinks or reds for the cornerstone.
 This is what remained of the fabrics.

The brown is for the outermost borders and the reddish stripe for the inner borders.

That left the blackish red for the cornerstone fabric and I didn't like it.

Later, I found a much better red which was hiding but not sure I had enough of that.
So I did kind of a naughty thing, I went into the project boxes for the brown and pink quilt I am making with my friend in DC and stole this pink.

Yes, I did feel a little guilty as a matter of fact.  BUT this fabric began with another fabric which I used in a different project and then transferred to this box at the end of that project.  PLUS this project has been stalled since 2010, hey you snooze you lose fabrics around here!

I cut two strips of this for each quilt.  Now tomorrow I can start sewing them.  Well, after swimming, my dentist appointment and some tutoring!  Life is full and fun lately.

Sew happy!

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