Friday, July 20, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey, the quilting version

 I am trying to read the latest Mommy porn book, Fifty Shades of Grey.  Trying because really, just don't think I will make it through.  I read one sentence I liked, where she pulls her Mom's quilt up around her.  I was surprised having a quilt in her life would not have led her to better choices.  (Or even better writing!)
 I thought, how would a quilter react to this guy.  Would she be impressed with his money and go along with these contracts?  Um, NO!  

She would say, hey bud, you can have your fifty shades in a grey quilt.
 We can even add a little black to that quilt.

Heck you can even have a little yellow.   But this isn't romance and I am not converting my quilting room into the red room of pain!
 If you want some control, hey, I am willing to make your quilt more modern.

But no matter what your story is I am not eating, exercising and behaving how you want me to!

I am a quilter and we have better sense than that!
Now if you behave and stop acting like a bossy butt, you might even get a masculine quilt.  But keep acting like a jerk and no self respecting quilter will have anything to do with your billionaire self. 

The End of the Quilter and Fifty Shades of Grey

Sew Happy! (and in color!)

50 shades of Yuck  I am not alone in my feelings about this book and not finishing it.  Read Carol Marin's reaction here. 


  1. Interesting take on the book. I do like the quilts you are showing in your blog.

    1. I like them also! I found them all online.


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