Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kalona, IA

 My husband and I were on our last day of our trip and were searching for a certain barn quilt.  Ha, says my hubby, I think I saw it. 

I will just go around the block.

I glanced out the window and saw some quilt designs.

STOP!  I yelled.
 What is this fabulous building?

Why are there are these amazing quilt design ON the building?

Where are we?  What is this?

My husband is a bit frustrated as he was on a quest to find all the barn quilts and I had interrupted his single minded pursuit.
 As we approached the building, I noticed a quilt.

In the sidewalk.

Made with bricks!

You can even see my shadow as I take the picture.

I don't care what this is, I lust after this sidewalk quilt.

Why don' I have one?
 And this door?

Why aren't all doors like this?

Or more specifically why isn't my door like this?

I was wiggling with excitement to get into this building!
 But first I had to enjoy the two images of Amish quilts that flanked either side of the porch.

I had stumbled upon a Quilt museum!

It also houses the world's largest collection of Spool Cabinets.  I know!  I could hardly stand it either!

Tomorrow I will show you some of the pictures I took inside.

It is the reason I didn't hit all of the barn quilts.  Well, MORE of the barn quilts. 
This museum was part of the Historic Kalona Village in, yep, Kalona, Iowa.

Kalona is a mere 18 miles from Iowa City and it is fabulous.

Can't you just tell from the street banners? 

Town of Kalona web site

There are about 1600 Amish citizens of this area as well.  It is just an amazing spot. 

More pictures tomorrow!

Sew happy!


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