Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More Barn Quilts from Washington County, IA

Oh you thought I was done yesterday?
Oh no, I have more cool photos.  

Hey, I took these in 100+ temps, I am using ALL my best ones.
 This album block seemed the most weather-worn but I still love it.

I imagine it will be tough to repaint these!
 This block was a little smaller but at least it is easy to identify what the block is!
 I do like the older barns better, I will admit it.
 This is a cool barn and block but I couldn't get a shot without the power cords.

I take the pictures from public roads, I want to respect the privacy of the families that live there.
 Double Aster is double cool!

I love the red accents.
 How I love the colors in this fabulous block and then red of the barn itself.
 I am pretty sure this is Merry Kite.

I had the print out and I took the pictures in order but somehow, they got a bit mixed up when I uploaded them to my computer.
 What a great barn!

But sometimes not only was it hot, but, well I could smell if they had just fertilized.  Manure smells like...well...you know!
Goose tracks!

Better than goose poop which is all we seem to get from the geese around here!

That's all the pictures I liked.  I have about 100 + more barns I could photograph.  I wish it wasn't three hours from my house.  If  you have a child attending Iowa, you are in luck, you could go every time you are in Iowa City!

Sew happy!


  1. Any time you want to go back to get more photographs just let me know. I will drive you out there.

  2. Yay! I may just take you up on that!


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