Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer quilts and musings

 I start off summer by putting a flag quilt up on Memorial day weekend, sometimes it stays up until the 4th of July.  Different quilts for the door in the summer and different activities.

Something I want to make sure I do in the summer is go to the concerts on the Green here in Frankfort.  Sometimes we go to Ravinia as well.  I just think summer is a great time to listen to music out of doors.  Tonight's band here in Frankfort was named 1969!
 They sang songs from my high school days, or what they called Classic Rock.  My husband, who is stuck in the same music time warp as me, also loved it.  We got to sit and eat our dinner and watch people dance and enjoy it all for free out of doors.

I have a watermelon quilt I put up next and it reminds me of another favorite summer activity - going to the Farmers' Market.  I hope you get to enjoy one by you!  The fruits and vegetables change as the summer moves on.  We've already enjoyed strawberries, asparagus and raspberries.  There are blueberries now, green beans and corn.  Plus our Farmers' Market has cheese, knife sharpening, pies; there are just all kinds of fun things.  I miss the produce when fall closes it down.
Here is a tiny picture of my summer quilt.  Not quite sure why it is so small and I could do take a picture of it, it's on my door right now.  But summer is also for indulgences!

One of my favorite summer indulgences is eating al fresco.  I try to eat on the patio of every restaurant in Frankfort plus some more!  Friday my daughter and I ate at the marvelous patio I have ever seen and the food was fabulous also.  If you live near Chicago, try to eat there.  Here's a link to it.  Picolo Sogno  It's a tough reservation to get on the weekend for dinner in the summer so go earlier!  You will love it.

I also adore swimming out of doors in the summer.  I swim indoors most of the year but for a couple of months I feel the sun on my back as I swim.  It's glorious.  I hope you have a pool or a beach you can enjoy or maybe a hammock or a field.

I also have been lucky enough to travel this summer, one of my favorite all time things to do when the weather is nice.  I think having been a teacher has made me focus on summer travel.  There are many other ways to enjoy the summer that don't involve being indoors.  I know, it is hot out there and yes, you probably will sweat.  You can always take a second shower!  Just get out there and enjoy the summer!

I hope you get to enjoy music outside, go to a Farmer's market and enjoy a summer indulgence.  (Ice cream is a yummy one!)  Enjoy the summer months and the quilts as well.

Sew happy!

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  1. The concert was great and I do enjoy the summer. I especially enjoy it with you.


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