Monday, June 25, 2012

Book review - Anna Quindlen

I gave this book one star and that's unusual, I love to read.

I got fooled, I admit it. I have enjoyed Anna Quindlen's novels in the past but I should have done more research on it. This is a pretty lame excuse for a book - let me write essays that basically all deal with the same thing so I can make some more money. I used to feel that I had something in common with her because both of our mothers died young of ovarian cancer. But that's all I have in common with her and quite frankly that event happened primarily to our mothers not us.

Anna describes her self satisfied, smug old age and reveals what a privileged life she has had. Her hair is still thick! She barely has any gray! She has the same husband, three terrific children, an urban life and a country home. Her crosses to bear in old age? Glasses. I am sobbing for you, honey. She happily tells us that she has had no other diseases, pains or misfortunes but oh those pesky glasses of which she has multiple prescription pairs but can never find one. Wow, that is such a compelling story. She brags about a lot but seems to find such pride that she is just taking old age in stride because botox, facial fills, laser and a personal trainer are apparently such courageous ways to view the aging of your body. She is so brave that she stands on her head, her head I tell you! And she is working on a one armed push up.

I asked for this book for Mother's day and now I am so mad I did, because Ms. overly proud of herself got more money and believe me, she doesn't need it.

If you want to read it, let me know and I will lend/give you my copy. Or get it from the library but for goodness sake this paragon of annoyingly cloying contentment doesn't need the money of hard working people who have known real challenges in life.

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  1. I get the feeling that you did not like this book.


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