Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shoppping and shenanighans

 I have been quite the naughty blogger, I admit it.  I have been going to movies with Cliff, seeing friends for tea and having adventures with Emily inbetween the end of her regular school year and the start of her summer school.

Today at least the shopping involved some fabric.  We ended up at the Crate and Barrel outlet store where they have gorgeous Marimekko 100% cotton fabric from Finland, 54 inches wide for 6.00 a yard!  Yes, that's all.
 See the gorgeous red, I bought 10 yards of it.  I am thinking that it could be a great backing for the two heart quilts - so cheap!

If it doesn't go well then I have ten gorgeous yards to do something else with.

I also bought this 5 yard piece of all these gorgeous values of yellow.  I love it.

Emily approved of it as well.
 So I bought another 5 yard piece.

I am hoping to use it to make drapes and maybe other fun stuff for a nursery.

Hopefully, this will be needed mid December as Emily is due with "Tough Cookie" on December 16th.  It's a bit on the quiet side now.

It is hard for us to choose to trust happiness but we are trying!  Fingers crossed for Tough cookie to make it here safely.
Yesterday I bought these fabrics for an apron.

A very good friend of Emily's is getting married in October and Emily is in the wedding.

This friend is having a shower in July and so I thought I would make an apron for Emily to put with her gift to Bridget.

That's all for today from the naughty quilter.
Sew happy!

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