Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bringing nature inside - first runner finished

I like it when I can drop the use of the top roller.  I had it all stabilized so I just used the two rollers for the backing.

I quilted flowers in the squares, feathers in the outer border and circles in the inner border.  It all turned out great, even the feathers!
My issue, and isn't there always an issue, is that the thread is laying on the back.  I have to adjust my tension again.  Grrrr!
 Here is the finished product!

It was fun to take pictures of it on the back deck, amongst the flowers and nature.

You can't really see the quilting but that's ok, maybe there are some mistakes!

Or maybe not?
 Here is the same deck, same chair and same table runner but photographed vertically.

I think it makes a difference, the whole table runner looks different!

Where is the second one, you query.

Upstairs waiting to be quilted, I reply!

Hey, quilters need breaks!
 I think I like the flowers so much because in the summer time I am trying to bring nature inside.  No, not the mosquitoes, I am trying to keep them out!

Here I have my flower of the month tea cups.  I liked to put them out on Mother's day and put them away after labor day.

One day I may even drink tea from them!
This table runner is in my kitchen right now, it is the same pattern as the one I just finished.

See how fabric selection changes the whole look?

I love this one - I made 4 of these!

This makes three blogs for this week so I will write again next week.  I will work on the second runner and the heart blocks.  And whatever else strikes my fancy.
Sew happy!


  1. I do love the color combination. The runner looks great.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, I do too and I got a mini to match. (A pink daisy!)


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