Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back to the Heart Quilt!

 I am working on the quilting of the two, count 'em, two table runners. 

While I am doing that, I need something to sew on, something I can sit and sew.  (I can only stand for so long at dear Gladys.)

Remember the heart quilts?  The key here is the "s" as yes, I am making two heart quilts.

Are you noticing the same pattern here that I am?

At any rate, I found the squares for the second quilt, waiting patiently. 
 I like to have 3 squares going at once.

The one that is "on the blocks" (to borrow a term from my swim team days) has the rows stitched together and pressed.

I just have to join the rows together and press.

But I don't like to heat up the iron for just that amount of ironing and I don't have anything left in my to iron pile.  (I KNOW, I am shocked also.)
 The block that is "on deck" (don't be overly impressed, I wasn't a very fast swimmer I just liked being on the team) has the squares selected and is waiting to have the rows put together.

I keep it on the ironing board.  Once the block is sewn together, I flip it onto the ironing board and replace it with these rows as I stitch them together. 

This gives me two things to iron with one heating of the iron.
Here is the "in the hole" block.

I fiddle with the color and fabric placement as it sits next to me.

I can see right now that this will not be a block, there are two squares with the same fabric.  I will work with it until I am happy and then it will move to "on deck" and the squares below it will be "in the hole."  I get a kick out of this sports vocab used with my quilting1

Sew happy!


  1. I really like your colors and design.

    1. Thanks, both table runners are done. Now I just have to finish those pesky heart blocks.


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