Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Today was fix the Longarm machine day.

First I took a walk, had breakfast and a shower.  Then I went upstairs with the headset for the phone and all my paper work.

I took an old piece of Mark Twain fabric I had for that book club and pinned it as a backing piece of fabric.

I had a leftover piece of batting I floated over that.
 I took a piece of leftover Paris fabric and pinned it to the top roller.

I rethreaded the machine and took a deep breath and tried it again.  Immediately broke.

I called The Heart of Quilting, where I bought my machine and got the woman who had taught me how to use it.  Even after I explained who I was I knew she didn't remember me. Bad for ego!

She started going over everything with me.

 I changed the needle again.

I switched to pink thread and replaced the bobbin.  I dropped when soft f bomb.

She walked me through the threading and son of a gun, I had somehow switched step 4 and five.  If you look and see the silver wheel the thread doubles back to there after going around the black and grey wheel.

I tried again.

It worked!

Now how have I been threading my machine for two years correctly and then after City Green threaded it incorrectly?  I don't know what to think - am I losing it?  Am I moments away from gumming applesauce with long white hairs protruding from my chin?  Should I buy tweezers or just realize I always have to use the diagram, never trust that I know how it's threaded?
Since I had the fake quilt all set up, I decided I may as well use it.

I practiced making feathers on and off for the rest of the afternoon.  I got better at them.  I don't know if you can really see them in this picture.

I felt I made progress but on a more disturbing note, we did have applesauce for dinner.

Coincidence?  Hmmmm
Happy sewing!


  1. I am glad Gladys is feeling better. You two have a lot of fun ahead of you.


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