Monday, May 21, 2012

Count of Monte Cristo Book club

I did NOT get my longarm to work.

I stayed up until 1 am on Friday night and got up at 5:30 am, convinced I could fix it.

I did not.  So I took the table runner off of Gladys, pinned it to baste and switched it to the Bernina.  I had never even opened the box with the walking foot I would need to use to quilt it.  About 7:00, I had learned it and quilted the first border and then went back to bed.

I finished it that night and you know, I liked it!  I even quilted Eiffel towers in each square. 

Saturday night I set up the island for the food and I also set the table.  It was fun to use all the things I had sewn and purchased.  Plus, I liked that I didn't have a lot of cooking to do, everyone brings something.

I got the table all set and had some fun figuring out which napkins to use and how.  I almost forgot I had the swanky French dish towels.

Friday night I had gotten the groceries delivered from Peapod and got 3 bunches of tulips. Yes, delivered right to my door for about 6.00 per bunch of ten.

2 bunches I put in the bathroom in a pitcher that I love.  (I actually love all my pitchers.)  I bought this one at Fort Pulaski when Cliff was oohing and ahhing over bullet holes from the Civil War and I had escaped to the gift shop. I bought it in case the 30+ year old blue pitcher my Mom got me ever broke.  But guess what?  The two year old pitcher developed a slight crack and leaked every so slightly.  After book club,  Joe had to recycle it, I was too sad.

I forgot to take a picture when we had the cheese, quiches and salad (with my homemade vinaigrette) but I remembered when I had the desserts out.

I ordered the mini pastries and they even put them on my tray.  Other people brought the candy, cookies and cupcakes.

We eat well!  And we read great books and discuss with love and gusto.  And I get reasons to sew and buy fun kitcheny doo dads.

That's a great book club, n'est-ce pas?

Sew Happy - I will once I get my longarm fixed

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