Friday, May 4, 2012

The Paris Wife and me

Paula Mclain signing my book
I was home from the funeral on Tuesday, taught my class on Wednesday and went to the Grand Finale for The Big Read on Thursday night.  My friend Paula got me involved in this wonderful endeavor sponsored by 11 libraries in the western suburbs.  Everyone read the same book, The Paris Wife.  Then all the libraries held different activities related to this story of Hemingway's first wife and their time in France and Spain.  Yes, my two favorite countries!  I went to a discussion of The Paris Wife, a discussion of A Moveable Feast and a tour of the Hemingway museum and birth home in Oak Park.  On May 3, Paula Mclain came and talked to everyone.  It was just lovely!  Paula and I got there an hour early and had seats in the front row.  I also got ticket number one for the book signing.  NUMBER ONE!  I had a divine couple of minutes with Paula Mclain as you can see above. 

Today I realized that my own Classics Book club will be here on May 20th for our discussion of The Count of Monte Cristo.  Invitations have already been issued!

I went back into my recent acquisitions stack and found this nifty chunky checked fabric.  I figured out how I could make it into a tablecloth long enough for my extended table and still have fabric to cut off and divide into four lengths for the drop.

Ta da, here it is and all the checks line up.

Remember the Eiffel Tower and Paris fabrics I ordered online? 

I ironed them and will make four napkins out of each one.  I think they will look very chic with the table cloth, blue plates and glasses.

Plus, and here is the truly nifty part, I am having my daughter's book club here on June 10th.  And guess what book we are discussing?  Yep, The Paris Wife!  So I will be able to use the same table linens.

I think Hemingway himself would be impressed. 

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