Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Easy table runner - part one

 I had purchased these fabrics to make the same type of table runner that I had made with the leftover Paris fabrics.

That table runner required more careful cutting as I had scraps.

Here I had new yardage.  4 fat quarters and 2 half yards but I really only needed a quarter.

Wash and iron all fabrics. 
 Cut the square of your fabrics - you can have four different or four the same.  I cut 8.5 inch squares but you could vary the size.

I then cut 4 strips that were 2 inches wide.

This is the yellow fabric that will frame the fun squares. 
 I sew each square onto a strip.

Be sure you have right sides together.

I use a quarter inch seam.

You can just quick piece them all onto one strip.
 Press them so the edges go towards the strip.

Cut them apart.

Now we will do the same thing with the other side.

When you quick piece them on a strip, you save a lot of time.
Here you can see that they are all still attached to the strip.

I took a picture so you could visualize the strip piecing method.

Tomorrow, we will do the other sides and the outside sashing.

Sew happy!

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