Thursday, May 24, 2012

Easy table runner part two

 We continue strip piecing.  Yay!

Both sides now have a strip pieced onto them.

As the top strip will be the bottom of the square beneath it, you are only strip piecing on one more side.

One strip will do 3 squares, the 4th will use the 4th stip

Sew, press and cut.
 Ta da!

You have three squares with strips on three sides.

Lay them out and decide what order you want them in.  I decided to go pink - yellow - pink - yellow.  The leftover part of the 4th strip will be added at the bottom.

Sew each square to its neighbor and finish with strip.  Press. 
 Now it is beginning to look like a table runner.

The second quarter or half yard will be cut into 3 strips now - I made mine 2.5 inches.

I measured the length of the middle of the table runner and cut two strips to that size.

Sew one on each side.

Measure middle for short end and cut two that size.
Once you have pressed the table runner it will look more like the finished product.

You have to decide how you want to finish it.

Are you going to machine quilt it on your sewing machine, like I did the Paris one?  Or will you use a longarm, as I tried to!

Will you bind it or sew it like a pillowcase and turn it inside out and then quilt?

Next Tuesday I will show you how I decided to finish mine.  Enjoy Memorial day weekend!

Sew happy!

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