Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Eiffel Tower Apron

 I didn't post the blog yesterday as I couldn't upload any photos, it said I was over my limit on Picasa.  So I just walked away!  I sure hope that issue is resolved.

At any rate, you know I am having book club here Sunday for The Count of Monte Cristo and on June 10th for The Paris Wife.  French themes, what fun!  You saw Monday's posts with the napkins and dishes and you thought, what?  No apron?

Not to worry!
I dug through my French themed fabrics and liked this red Eiffel Tower but HAD to find something else for the back.  What are the chances that Top Shelf Quilts had a French themed fabric?  Pretty darn good so I snapped up a yard and got the checks for the ties.

I think I will use it on the red side this Sunday and the more 1920ish side for the Paris Club.  Perfect, all done, yes?


Here what is left in my French fabric collection.  I have scraps except for the blue and red Eiffel Tower, I have the entire half yard Shelby gave me for Christmas.  And the upper right fabric, I have a yard of that.  And I don't have a table runner.


Stay tuned!  There may be some more French sewing left in me.  All together now, let's sing Ne Me Quitte pas to get me in the mood.

Sew Happy!

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  1. I love your Paris themed fabric. The apron looks great. I think everyone will love the plates and napkins.


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