Monday, May 14, 2012


 My classics book club meets here on Sunday and we read The Count of Monte Cristo.

I got those Eiffel Tower fabrics even though it was built 50+ years after the book as there were no other French fabrics.

I made three different kinds of napkins, I love them and I think they will look great with the tablecloth I made last week.
 I decided I needed a few more fun things so I checked Homegoods, William Sonoma and Pier One.  Nada, zilch, rien!

This past Saturday we were in Naperville and I wandered into Sur La Table.  Zut alors, this place is fabulous.

How about these cute little dish towels?  Plus a package of Eiffel Tower napkins, just to be sure.
 I found those two Eiffel Tower candle holders on clearance even. 

Then I spied the packages of dessert plates.

First I just looked.

Then I made the mistake of opening them.

I walked away.
I came back.


The plates and I now had a relationship going.   Plus, since I am having The Paris Wife book club don't I just have to buy them?  They are 4 plates to a box.

I bought three boxes.

Sew happy!

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  1. I love your choice of Paris themed plates and towels.


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