Monday, April 30, 2012

Anticipation versus the event

A friend invited my daughter and myself to a Y-Me breast cancer fundraiser.  In the invitation it said to wear Tea party hats so I got 3 at TJ Maxx and we were all so excited about this event.  My daughter even invited a friend and we met my friend there, who didn't wear a hat.  The fundraiser turned out to be pretty much an odd sortof of tribute to the woman who organized it and loved the microphone.  Sigh!  Sometimes the anticipation is more fun than the event.  I think Prom is a classic example of this.  When I taught High School girls would go insane planning their perfect Prom and lots of times, it was a bust.  (I sortof feel this way about weddings also but most people disagree with me!)

Other events are the opposite.  On Monday, as you are reading this, I will be attending my Aunt's funeral.  I wrote about finding out about it via Facebook on Friday.  I am not so much anticipating the long drive and the somberness of a funeral.  Dreading something usually doesn't add to to as feared an event. I will, after all, get to see my cousins that I haven't seen in forever.

Sewing projects can be much the same.  Something you think will be a breeze, will drag on and a project you have put off may just fall together in no time.  Anticipation and the event, many times not as related as we may imagine.

I will be in Southern Illinois for the funeral and probably won't post again until the end of the week.  I am scheduling this to go online while I am away.  I hope, that all of your excited anticipations turn out to be true while none of your dreaded match your imagination.

In the meantime enjoy this little picture I found online.  I think I need a standard sign off to this blog and yes, I know I am 6 months into it and yes, it is a bit late.  Hey, ever heard of better late than never?  But from I am going to try out this one.

Sew the pieces of your life into one fabulous quilt!

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