Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baby Quilt at Guild

 Last Wednesday I went to my Quilt Guild.  I have to leave early as I teach my Spanish class at South Suburban College but I was really glad I went.  (Sometimes I am working on my lesson plans or grading papers and don't even go to guild before.  I know, I am naughty.)

We always have great quilts in our show and tell but you know how some just speak to you more?

I loved this traditional baby quilt.
But then when she flipped it over and showed the back I loved it even more, she created a modern quilt on the back.

I hope and pray that I can use this idea to make a baby quilt for my own grandchild one day.

I wanted to post this pictures from our Guild's facebook page so when I need them, the pictures will be in my blog and I will use the same sort of idea.

OK, now I am going to Graceland tomorrow so I will leave you with a link to a Youtube video.  I am not blogging on Monday, it's Darcy's due date, I think I will just chill that day!

See you on Tuesday cause I'm going to Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee .  Paul Simon - Graceland

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