Monday, April 16, 2012

Good news - I finished the Indian tunic!

Bad news - I finished it today, Sunday.  The event was Friday.

That's ok, I like this tunic and I will wear it with black pants and sandals.  I would have finished it had I not taken the sleeves out and redone them.  I had made the tunic a bit more generous in certain key areas where nature has blessed me with abundance.  However, I didn't think about the overall proportions of the garment and the shoulders were too wide - the sleeves started probably 2 inches down my arm.  I took the sleeves off, cut off probably an inch from the middle of the shoulder and sloped down, tapering what I cut off.  Then I put the sleeves back on but I used the full 5/8" seam.  When I only had one sleeve back on at 5:30 on Friday night and we were leaving at 6:00, I knew I would be wearing the original dress.  On Sunday I put the other sleeve in and hemmed them plus the garment itself.  I then decided to tack down the neck facing and sew it on by machine as well.

As you can see, Emily and I had a grand time at the event and wearing our Indian garb.  Cliff did not dress up!  The best part, besides dressing up and seeing what everyone else wore was  the Indian dancing.  So fabulous.  I was smiling like a fool and pretending that I could do it too.

What I also liked was remembering how much faster you can make a garment than a quilt.  However, when a quilt is late, it doesn't really matter.

Are you wondering if I got any other sewing done this weekend?  Well, technically I do get the weekends off plus Saturday we went downtown to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary which was on Sunday.  Happy Anniversary to us!  Sunday was book club at Emily's house.  By the way, today, Monday, April 16th is Emily's birthday.  Here she is at her very first birthday. Those 30 years have sure gone quickly.  Happy Birthday, Emily!

So, no I did not get any other sewing done but I had a great weekend!  Plus I have an exciting week coming up.  I will post blogs Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but then we are off to Memphis.  I will post again on the Tuesday, the 24th of April.

Yay, I love weekends away and maybe I will get to visit a new quilt store, yes, something to Yelp about!

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