Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Game of Thrones and Quilts

I succumbed to Peer Pressure and watched all ten episodes from last year of The Game of Thrones about two weeks ago.  I was hooked because of the fantasy part of it; the violence was a bit of turnoff for me.  My husband was excited, another show we could watch together.  Since I had had so much luck finding links between Hunger Games and quilts I thought, let's see what there is with these devious characters.  It's a book and a very popular show.  There must be lots of things on the web!


There was nothing. 



Not even instructions for making Kaleese's costume.

(Although now that I look at this I am wondering if I wouldn't make a quite a splash were I to wear it to my next Quilt Guild meeting.)

If there is nothing on the web, we shall have to create it, yes?

I searched for blocks whose names contained the word Throne.  Zilch.  But I hit paydirt (pay quilt?) when I looked for those which contained the word King.  On the right, King's cross and on the left King's Crown.  I am thinking a border of the Cross with blocks of the Crown and something fun in the middle.  The choice seems obvious as the second season begins.  A dragon!

Here is one that seems very Game of Thrones!

It makes me wish I had one of those electronic software programs for designing quilts.

I don't actually want to have a Game of Thrones quilt, I just like the idea of designing one.

TV shows, books and movies can be like that.  You don't want to live it, it's just a fantasy. 

My real life is much better and so are my real quilts.  But in that fantasy life, I am wearing that super cool outfit and working on my Game of Throne quilt.

Enjoy either your real life or your fantasy one.  I feel there is a lot less laundry in the fantasy life... but less dragons in the real one!


  1. I thought the dragon quilt was cool. I also like the color scheme of it.

    1. I like the idea of it but not sure I would want to make a dragon quilt!


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