Friday, April 27, 2012

Third and last on Memphis

 The first quilt shop I went to and my least favorite was called Quiltsmiths.  Here is my pile of loot from there.  I didn't know I would go to 2 better shops, I always buy fabirc like the grid is about to go down and I will have to live off my stash.  It was pretty dated.  It didn't smell so great. There was an Irish setter which roamed around and sniffed my butt with impunity.

The woman who worked here was so clueless.  She couldn't get the charge machine to work for 30 minutes and seemed to have stopped trying to keep up with changes in the world.
I don't want to end up like that, I want to keep up!

My step mother Phyllis keeps up!  She is probably older than this hapless clerk but so much more with it.

When we were in Memphis we went to this wonderfully funky coffee shop and I found these two items for Phyllis for her birthday present.

She likes the bohemian look, I hope she likes them and I hope she isn't reading this blog today. :)

Here is a picture of the oldest cafe in Memphis.

It has seen the railroads dry up and it is located right across from the railroad station.

It survived the riots of 1968 in Memphis.

It has adapted and it's cool in a classic way.

It has the best sweet potato pancakes and was featured on the Food Network.  Blacks and white eat and work side by side in a city that used to have terrible racial tension.

It has adapted and thrived.  It knows how to operate its own equipment!

Life lessons for how we quilt and how we live. 

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