Friday, April 13, 2012

Indian style clothing

I may have mentioned before that I love Yelp.  I even have a link to my Yelp reviews at the bottom of my blog.  I write so many reviews (for free) that I am an elite - not that hard to be.  Basically write reviews that people can read with basic grammar, spelling and boundaries.  If you are an elite, you can go to special Yelp events for free!  It's fun!

The latest Yelp event is at an Indian restaurant and in the invitation it suggests that you wear Indian inspired clothing which I ignored until a friend mentioned she had purchased a sari on Ebay.  Oh boy, I better get going.

My daughter and I went to a women's clothing store on Devon Avenue in Chicago and I bought this Kurta there for the event.  But then...I started to have doubts.  (Yes, I am crazy but you know this from reading the blog.)

I went to Vogue Fabrics in the city and got the pattern and crossed the street to buy fabric at Rainbow Fabrics.   I purchased 3 yards of the silky translucent orange and 2 yards of a satiny lining. 

 I have created this so far - needs sleeves, facing and hem.

Do I like it better than the dress I bought?


It is Friday morning, the event is tonight.  Will it be finished?


I will let you know Monday how it all turned out!  Maybe I will do a Yelp review on my own sewing!

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  1. No matter which outfit you wear, you will look terrific.


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