Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Graceland - part one

 We spent the weekend in Memphis.  The trip was to see Graceland just because I decided about 7 years ago that I needed to go, needed not wanted.

Of course when you are in Memphis you also eat a lot of BBQ.  A lot plus other southern cooking.  Wow, I am darn lucky I got home before we both had heart attacks.

And whenever we go anywhere, we always seek out quilt stores, natch!
Here's my loot from my favorite one that we visited - The Quilt Barn.  It was in the suburbs, there are no quilt stores in Memphis.  In fact, Memphis has had hard times.  Its demise began with the ending of the railroad, the growth of the car, white flight, riots after Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination and then general neglect.  But, about ten years ago it began a rebirth and you can see cool stuff in the downtown.  I hope it continues.  Maybe there will be a quilt store downtown some day.

This shop was friendly, smelled good and was clean and modern.  I got a pin from there - you can see it in the middle.  I also got pins from Graceland.  All of these will go on my pin quilt.

And here is our obligatory goofy tourist picture.  I seriously cannot get enough of these.

I enjoyed seeing Elvis's house and learning about him.  It is the second most visited house after the White house and I think it's because in a lot of ways Elvis was like us.  He struggled with his weight, his marriage didn't work out.  He loved his parents and child.  He had talents but also demons.  He had a whole bunch of fun with his money and his house will remind you of every house you ever saw in the 1970's.

I like him even more since I went there.  I am glad I never had to battle his demons and I am even glad I didn't have all his money.  I got to hear his music, eat some good food, it was a good time.

Plus everyone in the family got a tacky Elvis souvenir!

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