Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring in Chicago - too changeable for one quilt!
In March we had the loveliest spring and I whipped this quilt up on the condo door as soon at St. Patrick's day was over.  I remember that fabulous weather and I miss it but I knew it wouldn't last even as I hoped it would.  Now it's colder than I remember it being during the winter but again, I know it won't last.  I guess it is good that I grew up in Chicago, I am prepared for all kinds of surprising weather and constant change.

Today I had a new experience, I found out about the passing of a relative while reading Facebook updates.  In the past, someone from my family would have called about this expected death of an elderly Aunt.  I am a big fan of social media but it did somewhat startle me.  Imagine if I was not a fan of Facebook, I probably would have been upset to find out that way. 

Change is the only constant, our weather, our social norms and our lives themselves are constantly evolving, ever dynamic.  Maybe it is part of the reason I love to sew and quilt.  Life may be ephemeral but the quilt is not.  It is nice to have something that stays and that you can count on.  For that reason and for the sheer pleasure of tactile work,  I am looking forward to a day of sewing, oh, and the promise of good weather for next week.

Enjoy your constants and your changes!

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