Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Table runner number two

You may or may not remember that I was not so happy with the bottom tension of the first table runner.

I wanted to make sure that this did not happen again on this one! 

I loaded up the new table runner and redid the bobbin and the threading. 

I did some stitching just to stabilize it.

On the end I put some of the handy dandy Mark Twain fabric that I had left over.

I stitched around and did various speeds.

I then flipped to the camera function of the machine.

I don't use it that much but this is why it was put on there.

The camera shows you what the stitching looks like.

I moved it all around and checked the stabilizing stitching as well as the stitching on the Mark Twain fabric.  

I tried to take a picture of the picture that the camera shows me of the back or bottom of the fabric.

Pretty cool, huh, to see what is happening where you can't see it!
 But then I wondered. 

How would I know what bad stitching looks like?

Can I really trust that camera?

So I went over sans camera to the end.

I looked at the top sewing. 
Then I took my hands and flipped that piece over.

Call me cynical but I just had to see!

And my camera?  It did not lie.  The back stitching tension was just fine.

You know what they say, trust everyone but cut the cards!

Sew happy!

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