Wednesday, June 20, 2012


You may have noticed that I changed my blog parameters for the months of June, July and August.  Instead of sewing 4 hours a day and then blogging about it, it's enjoy the weather.

Call me a teacher for life (OK, Hi teacher for life) but I think of the summer months as being "off" time.  Give me a break, you are thinking, you are retired!  Yes, I am but this was my job and now it's the summer!

I will still sew and blog but on a more whimsical schedule.

Plus, I am trying to exercise more.  Sigh.

I am swimming, I even swam a mile. 

I am biking, may even try my every summer ride to Harlem.

And I am walking which led to 5 bee stings on my arm.  Yikes!  But I will prevail and you know why?  Because you can eat more then!  You work off calories then you get to consume treats.   Yes, I have always been consuming treats but now I am trying to be a bit healthier.  I record my food and my exercise at 

I am trying!  But it does take time away from my sewing.  It is hotter and sweatier.  I need to balance it all a bit better.   I need my sleep, reading time, computer time, reading time, family time, friend time and now time to exercise. 

I will work it out but it's the summer, it's meant for outdoor fun.

I will still blog, just maybe not as much!

Sew happy!


  1. I agree with you on enjoying the summer time and reducing the number of blogs you do during the summer.

    Have fun exercising.

    1. It may have already run its course.


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