Thursday, February 2, 2012

Combining my favorites

It is February so I have this heart quilt on my condo door.  I love having a different quilt for each month.

If you promise not to mock me I will let you know that I also have 12 door mats and 12 little decorative items to put on the antique desk I keep next to my front door.

Yes, I do know it's a tad excessive. Isn't that great?

I like pink fabrics and heart fabrics and quilts.  My red and white heart quilt will not be ready for this Valentines' day but maybe next year. 

I've decided to make a heart quilt for Emily and Shelby.

When I retired I got lots of gift certificates to my local quilt store and I bought two Hot for Chocolate quilt kits.  Here they are and here is the fabric that is inside.  I think they are luscious! 

This is a picture of the finished quilt.  The blocks are the same as the ones I am making with Gina.  So we will all have a Valentine's quilt next year! 

Quilting, hearts, my daughters and a quilt with chocolate in its name.  Life is good or should I say delicious!


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