Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Going slowly but enjoying it

 Can you even tell in the picture that I finished this section of the quilting? 

It is very rhythmic to do, there's such a pattern to it that it is quite soothing.

I keep looking at the green squares as I outline them.

I am hoping by the time I am done with the brown, I will have the green figured out!

 The greens' turn may come quicker than I think.

When I rolled it up, there was the bottom of the quilt.  But just because I can see it doesn't mean I will be quilting there, calm down Kathleen!

It will take another roll to be actually quilting on the bottom row.  I can quilt about 4 rows before I am too close to either the bottom or the top roller. 

Today I separated the strips into pink and red.  Twice.  (Did you forget, silly, that I am making two quilts?)

I then made each strip 2 7/8 inches wide and cut each one of those strips into 2 7/8 inch squares.

Next I will repeat the process with brown strips.

Then I do it all over again for another width.  It is the same pattern for the heart blocks as the friendship quilt I am making with Gina.

You may have noticed that I am not making as much progress as I did in the fall when I wasn't working.  Plus, I have been seeing friends lately.  I just need to talk to people about all that has gone on in my life and it has made me feel better, relieved the pressure.

It may be taking me longer but I am still enjoying sewing and quilting.  I knit also and Cliff's scarf is slowly taking shape.  It is probably long enough now for a goofy looking beard!

I am glad I am slacking off on progress because I am doing a job I love, teaching, and seeing friends who help me in life.  The sewing will get done!


  1. Enjoy life. You have plenty of time for sewing.

    1. Thanks, I am motivated again. I just hit a "sewer's block"!


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