Friday, February 17, 2012


 It seems like as I progress on the Hot for Chocolate Quilt, the piles get littler and littler.

Here you can see that I have finished cutting up all the red/pink 2 1/2" strips.  It really cuts down on time to not cut red squares and pink squares and then sew them together.  Sewing together strips and then cutting them later makes things zip right along.

However, "fast" in quilting terms is not exactly like "fast" in other ways.  (Calm down, I am not going to talk about fast girls!)  Quilting fast = glacier fast!
On the cutting board you can see a pile of pink and red squares on top of brown squares.  Remember when I drew all the pencil lines on the diagonal?

I finished one quilt's worth of sewing 1/4" away from that line.  Now I am doing the other quilt.  The line is where I put the Quarter inch foot, then I know I am sewing 1/4" away from it.

When I finish the second quilt's blocks for one side, I will go back and do the second side of those and then of these.  Heck yes, it gets a tiny bit tedious.  But I will have two quilts at the end and when I am doing a step, I might as well keep doing it!

My girls are excited that I am making them matching quilts.  I never have before.  I used to make them dress in matching clothes sometimes.  Oh, you don't believe me, well here's proof. 

Yes, I did do this to them and on more than one Christmas.  Once I even had matching sweaters for the three of us.

This gives you some perspective about why they are so excited to have matching quilts, they were nervous it was pajamas!

Oh, that is a good idea, however.

Monday is a Federal Holiday, see you Tuesday!


  1. You are so good to the girls. They are lucky that you love them enough to think of them when you come up with projects.

    1. I love sewing for them, it is one of my greatest pleasures in life.


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