Wednesday, February 29, 2012


 Let's talk buttons.

I see lots of button things on Pinterest.  (No, I am not completely clear on what the point of it is.  And yes, I do have an account.)

I have this little basket of buttons in my sewing room.  The buttons are nestled on top of a sampler that somehow was rejected before it ever got framed.  I bought it at an Antique store when I was really into Country decorating and all the cutesy things that went into that style.  Somehow, I had to keep this from that era. 
Here are my real buttons, the working collection.

I have an old Maurice Lenell cookie tin that my mother used to collect buttons in.  I have buttons in there that I have purchased and somehow never used.  I have all those buttons in there that come on little cards hanging off new clothes.  And I have my Mom's button collection.

My daughter recently had a coat whose shank buttons ate through the thread and popped off on a daily basis.  I dove into my button collection and found  black buttons that would work.  I cut off all the shank buttons and she has a coat with a different kind of button at each button hole.  Odd, maybe, but they stay on and I felt terrific to have those buttons on hand.

My buttons are decorative, a link to my Mother and sometimes even useful.  Not bad for a lowly button!


  1. Allright, it is time to button up this discussion and get back to talking quilts.


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